Let High-Quality Roller Shutters Worry About The Security Of Your Home Or Business

You can’t put a premium on security nowadays. There’re a great number of bad elements in the society that you should be constantly worrying regarding the safety of your home and business as well. While there’re many technological improvements in terms of security, one item that has gained immense popularity in the recent years is security roller shutters in Australia. Usually you’ll find these presets onto windows, but they’re now accessible in a variety of shapes & sizes and even discovered on the doors of warehouses and homes.

Roller shutters are generally made of metal or fiberglass. These 2 materials are now used quite extensively due to their different great attributes. They’re the finest for keeping burglars away. Not just that – having roller shutters also prevent any graffiti from being scattered on your house or business institution. If you do end up with some spray paint on the shutter, all you need to perform is roll it up and get back to having a spotless facade.

Roller Shutters

Buying a fiberglass roller shutter is a little more costly, but they’re the most ideal shutters for security, need very negligible maintenance and even possess soundproofing aptitudes. On the other hand, metal has strength to its credit and is a bit light on the pocket as well.

If security isn’t the major concern for you, you’ll wish to consider putting your money on roller shutters of alternate materials. Those composed of UPVC are particularly great for offering privacy when required. Though they mayn’t offer you with as strong protection as the fiberglass shutters, but they’ll safeguard your glass from any dent and offer a great level of insulation also. They also available in various colors to meet your style sense.

To make things a whole lot easier, you’ve the option of motorized roller shutters. You just need to press on a button to make these shutters move up and down. These days you can also avail electric roller shutters furnished with timer – so that you can preset your time and move the shutter up and down as per your wish.

Roller shutters

The best part about roller shutters in Australia is that they’re aesthetic and don’t end up making your house look like a castle. They roll up into a hatch on the summit, which can even be concealed, if you’re still in the procedure of constructing your house. Fitting such roller shutters will provide you peace of mind in terms of security and the added advantages of sound insulation is no harm too.

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Tips to Choose the Right Type of Modern Window Shutters in Melbourne

Getting right type of well built window shutters will offer great look that will enhance home appeal and value is an important task for Melbourne homeowners. Earlier shutters were intended only to cover an opening in the wall, protecting the interior of the house from bad weather and intruders. Today in Melbourne, window shutters are widely used not only to protect the fragile and expensive glass but also to enhance the security level. Window shutters will remain as an important element for exterior home solutions. It is believed that well-chosen and well-installed window shutters will offer great finishing touch to your home.

Roller Shutters

Please have a look at the points to get the right window shutters for your home:

Shutter Size and Placement:
You must understand that the size of a window or group of windows determines the width and height of a shutter. With a perfect measurement done by considering all the aspects of installing the window shutter will offer great functionality.

Shutter Material:
Compared to real wood or vinyl, shutters made up of aluminum material can be used to enjoy sleek and sophisticated look. Aluminum window shutters will offer you the best combination of authenticity and durability.

Roller Shutters

Shutter Color:
Your property will stand out with an enhanced look by selecting the right color for your window roller shutter. It will prove effective, if you go with a neutral colored window shutter. Window shutters in neutral color will blend well with your home aesthetics. For any home style, neutral colored window shutters will fulfill all the requirements of your current and future needs.

Choose a Reliable Shutter Company:
You can do a thorough research that will help in understanding the best options available for window shutters. You can contact a most trusted and leading roller shutter company- Secure Window Roller Shutters that offers most durable and wide range of roller shutter options.

Roller Shutters Company

Top quality modern window shutters by Secure Window Roller Shutters will prove to be good value for money. We always strive hard to provide highest quality modern window shutters in Melbourne at best price. With extensive years of experience in roller shutter industry, we specialize in manufacturing top quality products using modern technology and innovative standards. Entire range of our shutter systems are made with finest materials that ensures optimum strength, resistance and functionality.

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Four Main Advantages of Installing Roller Shutter to Your Business Property

With the increasing ratio of burglary and break-ins, the demand of roller shutters has been increased quite significantly. Roller shutters are wonderfully designed to offer maximum protection whether you install them in your shop or home.

Earlier, shop owners argued between fitting rolling doors for extra safety and sticking with more appealing regular doors. Rolling doors happen to be usually unattractive and industrial looking. However, today you don’t need to sacrifice a beautiful storefront for the additional peace of mind that roller shutters offer. Let’s find out what are the many advantages roller shutter doors can offer to your business.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

This is undoubtedly the most important advantage of installing roller shutter in your business. Aluminium roller shutters are an economical way to safeguard storage spaces, factories and warehouses. They’re light in weight but still strong, and available in manual and motorized varieties. For businesses that need a high level of security, shutters certified by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) are addressed as meeting security & fire protection levels based on standard testing and quality check. Supplementary security ratings, for example, LPS 1175 & STS202, explain how tough a shutter is to break and how long it’d take a burglar to break through.

Another advantage of roller shutter for business is the additional insulation they can offer. If your warehouse or factory has big entrances, preventing heat loss is very essential. Every bit of insulation can save you money.

Insulated roller shutters are packed with insulating substances that are light in weight but very effective. Proper insulation also develops a sound barricade and assists in controlling draughts.

Roller shutters

Fire prevention:
Fire proof roller shutters are needed in some industries, for example schools and hospitals. A fireproof rolling door can be employed to make secure compartments inside buildings to prevent fire from expanding. Fire rated shutters can survive temperatures of up to 1200° C. Fire-proof shutters add to your peace of mind while boosting the safety of your customers and workers. As a supplementary bonus, you might able to save money on your insurance.

You don’t need to sacrifice the look your property in order to accomplish security and insulation. Modern day roller shutters are very stylish and available in a variety of materials to complement the look of your property.

Roller shutter

Contact Secure Window Roller Shutters if you want to buy the most professional looking roller shutters in Australia. We are dealing with both commercial and residential roller shutters in Australia that are manufactured to meet the precise requirement of each customer.

What to Consider for Buying Durable Shutters for Your Windows?

You must be very excited to get a new outdoor roller shutters for your windows. Window shutters can make your property look more attractive and prove effective in any weather. This makes it important to select roller shutters for your window, which will last for a long time and will and provide great lasting benefits. On Australian market, you will find wide range of window systems available with different styles and designs; this can make it difficult to choose the   right type of shutters for your particular needs. Always remember to determine your exact needs first by contacting one of our consultants at Secure Window Roller Shutters the leading shutter provider in Melbourne

Factors to consider before making the purchase:

Custom Made Window Roller Shutter:

Always remember that windows and doors are not all the same standard size so one size does not fill all windows. This requires using the exact sizes of the shutters so they can be custom made shutters for each particular property. When our consultant takes .exact measurements on site of your windows will help to ensure that you have the right size of custom made window roller shutters for your home.

Window roller Shutters

Choose the Right Color:

Selecting the right color for window roller shutter will make your property to stand out with an enhanced look and add value to the property. It is always good to stick with neutral color when choosing window roller shutters that will blend well with your home aesthetics. This will also prove effective if you choose to change the color scheme of your home in future. For any home style or theme, neutral colored modern secure window shutters will give you many options so it will be wise to think of your current and future needs when buying window roller shutters.

Take Time Out for Some Research:

It is always good to take your time out before making the selection by doing some research that will help you understand about the options available. Getting involved in some research about window shutters will help you in making the right purchase.

Get a Quote:

Before you decide to buy and install window roller shutter, it is always important to get a quote from the company. In the quote, you must understand the price factor and find out what is actually in the quotation as well as get the details  such as if  the installation cost and GST is included or not. This will ensure you to enjoy a cost-effective purchase and installation of your window roller shutters.


Opt for a Reputable Company:

With a reputable company, you can get a good and value for money shutter systems as well as will enjoy great service at an affordable price. A good and reputable company will always ensure as well as guarantee that all its products are of the highest quality. Make sure the company you are dealing with has their own Showroom and has been in business along time

You will get durable and aesthetically pleasing modern window shutters in Melbourne at Secure Window Roller Shutters that ensures top quality products made using modern technological innovation.

With many years of experience in Roller Shutter industry, we excel in providing highest the standard of workmanship and customer satisfaction. All our shutter systems are made with finest materials available to ensure optimum strength and resistance as offer great functionality while avoiding fading and weather damage issues. Contact us today at 1800-554-877 for a free measure and quote.

Aluminum Roller Shutters for Optimum Level of Security

Most property owners in Australia are opting to install roller shutters made of aluminum. This is considered to be a wise step in ensuring optimum level of security for the property (whether it is home or business) in a cost-effective way. Aluminum shutters are durable to successfully withstand our harsh Australian weather as well as preventing burglary or vandalism attempts. In today’s scenario you can witness many home, schools, office establishments, warehouses, retail stores and restaurants in Australia are installing aluminum roller shutters at their property. Being tough yet having stylish look, roller shutters made of aluminum and insulated with high density PU foam can be installed on doors, windows and garage areas to ensure a safe and secure ambiance at your property.

Great features of roller shutters made up of aluminum:

  1. Pleasing aesthetics
  2. Smooth operation
  3. Superior abrasion resistant
  4. Optimal ductility and stiffness
  5. Withstand heavy loads & resist cracking on bending
  6. Unparalleled resistance to a most extreme Australian weather
  7. Bear non-combustible property for fire prevention

Roller Shutters

Aluminum roller shutters are perfect for every kind of property in Australia to provide highest level of security and heat control during both Summer and Winter thus saving on energy costs.

We also have a very cost effective Sola Tech remote Solar System.

How Roller Shutters made up of Aluminum will prove effective?

Proves to be Durable:

Aluminum shutters are corrosion resistant compared to steel shutters, which makes it suitable to use them in homes and commercial establishments to efficiently withstand an atmospheric exposure. Having inbuilt strength and durability aluminum shutters installed on your property in Australia, will prove to be a nightmare for every intruder.

window roller shutter

Possess Age Defying Looks:

Aluminum shutters smooth finishes gives them a stylish look, which suitably complements the entire property’s appearance. Other inferior made imported shutters made up of different material wear out as a result of frequent exposure to inclement weather conditions whereas aluminum shutters stay intact with their backed on gloss retention features.

Provides Good Sound Insulation:

Whether it is your office or home, you will not get distracted from loud noises coming from busy streets or neighborhoods by installing aluminum shutters. Shutters made up of aluminum help in successfully blocking noise level, which will neither let the outside noise to enter nor will allow the inside noise to escape. This also gives you an opportunity of enjoying a fun filled party without disturbing the neighbors.

You will get high performance and best quality aluminum roller shutters at Secure Window Roller Shutters, which is #1 roller shutter company in Melbourne, Australia. We are soon coming with new range of shutters with an integrated security system, which will cover whole property and can be conveniently operated from your phone or IPad device. Contact us today at 1800-554-877 for a free measure and quote. Or email to securewindowshutters@gmail.com

Roller Shutters for Commercial Establishments in Australia

In Australia, most restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, banks and shopping malls are widely seen in installing roller shutters for getting optimal level of protection from burglars and thieves. These days’ commercial establishments are considering for installing roller shutters along with incorporating sufficient best quality safety and security equipment to make sure the building is secured from all potential risks and threats. Especially during the non-working hours, durable roller shutters installed in your commercial establishment will efficiently safeguard the entire place.

By installing roller shutters at your commercial establishment in Australia you will get cutting edge solution, which will act great in providing optimum level of security particularly to the walls, windows and glasses of the building while keeping safe your valuable belongings, goods and products stored inside.

Let us discuss about top reasons for installing roller shutters in at your commercial establishments in Australia:

Providing Energy Efficient Properties:

Having effective thermal insulation property, roller shutters helps in reducing the effects of heat in a sizzling Australian summer as well as offers a suitable indoor temperature in extreme cold. In both ways you can be assured of keeping your goods safe as well as provide your employees or workers a good indoor work place.


modern roller shutter

Proves to be a Durable Security Measure:

Roller shutters in Australia can be described as of having a series of horizontal slats (which are often made up with metal for commercial purpose) that are hinged together to be installed vertically over a window or door of your building, which has a simple yet secure operation. The construction and strength of roller shutters installed at your commercial building will prove to be an effective and durable security measure that will keep away the intruders.

Protects from Fire accidents:

Engineered with cutting edge technologies, rollers shutters in are capable in withstanding fire damages, whether it is caused due to Australian bushfire incidents or any other unfortunate fire accidents.

For sure in every way roller shutters in Australia will prove to be the best solution in providing best security and protection by installing them at your commercial establishments. Roller shutters in Australia has been proved to be a great security measure, which is considered worth of investing money on it by most business owners.

Buying Highly Functional Roller Shutters in Australia:

Secure Window Roller Shutters offers top quality roller shutters in Australia that will prove to be durable and will provide great level of security for your commercial establishment. We are a leading and reputable roller shutter company in Melbourne, which believes in providing the right shutter that will suit any property. You will also get stylish and modern window roller shutters in Melbourne that will complement your architectural components of the commercial building while acting as a durable protection layer.

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Security for your Business with Aluminum Roller Shutters in Melbourne

Whether it is a renovation project of your home or getting an added security measure for business premises in Melbourne, for every purpose aluminum roller shutters are considered best. Business premises in Melbourne, Australia these days require an extra layer of security, which can be successfully full filed by installing aluminum roller shutters that will not only prevent illegal entry into your business premises but also will save the goods and products as well as valuable assets from prying eye of passer-by. Aluminum roller shutters in Melbourne are widely seen to be installed at exterior part of the window and doors of many business premises for getting exceptional security benefits.

Wide Use of Roller Shutters for Business Premises, like:


Installing aluminum roller shutters at your Melbourne based warehouse is always recommended and considered wise for keeping the goods in safe condition. Being highly insulated the aluminum roller shutters will offer a suitable temperature for your stored goods and products without causing any damage. Most factory warehouses in Melbourne have found interlocking aluminum roller shutters as an ideal option for getting optimum level of security at a low cost.

Aluminum Roller Shutters

Retail Stores:

Retail business includes handling daily cash operations which is a risky job that requires ensuring safety with aluminum roller shutters that will act as security shutters to guarantee a trusted security. You can choose durable roller shutter from various styles and sizes that will suit your specifications and store’s requirement.

Roller Shutters

Official Establishments:

Aluminum roller shutter as a modern office security shutter will provide your office not only security but also will offer a peaceful and comfortable working environment for the employees. Having good insulation property roller shutter installed at your office will cut down an excessive light and noise as well as regulates the amount of heat entering into office space.

Ways of selecting a durable aluminum roller shutter in Melbourne:

  1. Budget: Always look for aluminum roller shutters in Melbourne having durability and strength where security is the main concern. Getting high quality aluminum roller shutters at best price is considered good as a security measure.
  2. Feature or Mode of operation: You can choose aluminum roller shutters from functional point of view such as electrically operated, manually operated or solar powered operation mode as per your requirement and convenience.
  3. Customizing: To get custom aluminum roller shutters you need to look out for a reputable and reliable roller shutter company in Melbourne, Australia- Secure Window Roller Shutters. Being a premium roller shutter company, Secure Window Roller Shutters offers high quality aluminum roller shutters that are fully insulated and will prove to be value for money in providing exceptional security for your business.

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